The New Design Rules: How to Decorate and Renovate, from Start to Finish: An Interior Design Book

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Auteur: Henderson, Emily

Couleur: Multicolor

Édition: Illustrated

Contraignant: Relié

Format: Illustré

Nombre de pages: 336

Date de sortie: 10-05-2022

Détails: Présentation de l'éditeur From the author of the New York Times bestseller Styled, here is Emily Henderson's masterclass on interior design.   “An approachable guide for anyone who is looking for tools and resources to create a home that speaks to who they are and what they love.”—Joanna Gaines Whether you’re embarking on a weekend refresh or complete renovation, interior designer Emily Henderson wants you to take risks with your home design without experiencing regret. In this visually driven decorating bible punctuated with photographs from real homes and colorful illustrations, she takes you through her entire process, including every single decision she makes when it comes to picking paint, arranging furniture, hanging window treatments, and deciding on lighting fixtures. You'll also learn when to hire a contractor versus an architect versus a handyperson, all the materials to consider (and why you might want to skip those marble countertops), proper measurements of the elements in each room, and so much more. By the end of the book, you'll feel more confident when it comes to visualizing the home of your dreams, and you'll finally know how to make it happen. Extrait IntroductionFour years ago when I pitched this idea to my editor, I had no business writing a book about renovating, despite my actual business of being an interior designer. I didn’t go to design school. I’m not formally trained. And yet, this book is full of more real information, beautiful photographs of talented designers’ work, practical knowledge, and applicable trade secrets than I could ever learn in school. You see, over the last ten years, since I won HGTV’s Design Star, I put myself through a virtual design school while renovating houses on my blog, with my readers watching and waiting for the results. The pressure was intense, and the results needed to be amazing. So every day I googled “how do you design . . . fireplaces, staircases, paneling, vanities . . . ” The entire time, I wished so badly that I had a guide to this incredibly intimidating and permanent decisionmaking process. I was a stylist. I could combine pillows and choose wallpaper faster and better than almost anyone, but renovating a home? That’s a whole other beast. Here’s the truth: Every project is chockfull of its own challenges and potential mistakes, no matter how many times the house has been renovated. Because YOUR house—that is, the one in your mind’s eye—has never been designed before. A formula does not exist. It’s not like making lasagna from a time-tested recipe, which is sure to give you fantastic results every time. Sure, I’ve designed homes in the same style, but every house is different. Every decision needs to be specific to the architecture, location, function, and style of the home, and the needs of the family that lives there. What guides the design is completely personal, which means the process is emotional in every way.  Every house I’ve renovated has been full of successes and mistakes. Some regrets are bigger than others—and the only benefit of me making them is that I get to share them with you so you don’t make the same mistake. And yet, all the successful decisions I’ve made and lessons I’ve learned have grown my confidence and pride in my work.   One of the most important things I’ve learned is that while I do get better with experience, I also find that “rules” and knowledge of “what is right” tend to restrict my creativity and quirk. No one wants to make permanent, expensive errors, but creating a generically designed home—even if it’s totally functional—is the biggest mistake you can make. Chasing trends may end in regret, but chasing what everyone else is doing can end up quite boring.I want you to make more informed choices. You should know the rules, but I want you to be able to break them with confidence. A truly custom home should be functional, but it needs to be interesting—because you, my friend, are interesting. In part one, we

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