150 Best Mini Interior Ideas

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Auteur: Zamora, Francesc

Édition: 01

Contraignant: Relié

Nombre de pages: 504

Date de sortie: 17-02-2015

Détails: Présentation de l'éditeur The most recent volume in the highly successful 150 Best series, this comprehensive handbook showcases the latest in efficient and successful small space design. Filled with 500 pages of beautiful full-color photographs, 150 Best Mini Interior Ideas profiles dozens of exciting interiors that exemplify the beauty and simplicity of small space design. Francesc Zamora brings together an extensive collection of practical, innovative, and stunning mini interiors by distinguished architects and designers from around the world. Showcasing the diversity of current trends in contemporary residential architecture and design, 150 Best Mini Interior Ideas is an inspirational resource for architects, designers, homeowners, and anyone looking for innovative concepts to plan, furnish, and accessorize small spaces. Revue de presse “From minimalist and modern to cozy and colorful, these homes are a testament to the transformative power of design.” (ArchitecturalDigest.com) “Going far beyond the typical built-in cabinetry and lofted beds, Mola offers dozens of tips about how to design a tiny home in a way that’s creative rather than claustrophobic.” (Yahoo! Homes) “In addition to offering plenty of small-space eye candy, the book’s new builds and renovations―including urban apartments, rural houses, converted garages, stables, garden sheds, and more―are also united in their use of space-saving strategies that require confidence and commitment to get right. (Slate) “...its 504 pages are jam-packed with simple and beautiful ideas for designing small spaces.” (Architects + Artisans) “...there are plenty of suggestions here about how to make any small space in the home appear commodious.” (Library Journal) Quatrième de couverture Featuring interiors that exemplify the beauty and simplicity of small-space design, 150 Best Mini Interior Ideas is the latest volume in the bestselling 150 Best series. Composed of stunning photographs, floor plans, and insightful text, this book will help you discover how architects and designers from around the world work within a confined square footage to create innovative living spaces. 150 Best Mini Interior Ideas profiles a diverse range of homes, from rural and urban constructions to town houses and renovations. It reveals how to utilize walls, floors, and furniture to make a small room appear large, and it shares other methods and decorating tricks to inspire homeowners and designers. Secret storage systems, convertible furniture, and mindfulness of materials combine to create unique and flexible homes. This extensive collection celebrates functional, striking design meant to maximize the most minimal of spaces. Biographie de l'auteur Francesc Zamora Mola studied interior architecture in Barcelona and then in San Francisco, where he honed his design skills working with innovative architecture firms. Mr. Zamora lives in Barcelona, where he writes about design and architecture. He is the author of numerous architecture books, including 150 Best New Eco Home Ideas and 150 Best of the Best Loft Ideas.

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