150 Best New Eco Home Ideas

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Auteur: Mola, Francesc Zamora

Édition: 01

Contraignant: Relié

Nombre de pages: 480

Date de sortie: 04-07-2017

Détails: Présentation de l'éditeur Discover the latest in sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly home design in this outstanding volume in the popular 150 Best series, which features nearly 500 pages of full-color photographs and dozens of inventive and decorative profiles. Architects, designers, and homeowners today looking for comfortable, beautiful dwellings with a minimal carbon footprint will find a cornucopia of ideas in this handsome compendium. A fabulous review of the most forward-thinking eco-friendly house designs being created today, 150 Best New Eco Home Ideas showcases the work of internationally renowned architects and designers who have achieved practical, innovative, and stunning solutions around the globe. From solar paneling and wind energy systems to environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solutions and thermal glazing to trombe walls, 150 Best New Eco Home Ideas covers the latest trends and breakthroughs in eco homes. Inspiring and inventive, this lush sourcebook is essential for architects, designers, interior decorators, and all conscientious homeowners interested in creating warm and inviting homes with only a fraction of the environmental impact of those using conventional methods. Quatrième de couverture 150 Best New Eco Home Ideas features the latest innovations in ecologically friendly home design. From a rain forest cabin to a clay roof house, a home in the dunes, a Tucson mountain retreat, and even a tree house, the ideas featured are complemented by full-color photographs as well as architectural plans of gorgeous ecological homes around the world. Inside, you’ll discover unique houses that draw on various influences and designs that beautifully craft these ecological homes. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or minimize energy consumption, this in-depth visual resource offers an extensive showcase of ecological houses designed by renowned architects and provides a wealth of ideas on how to create an eco-friendly concept for any home. Biographie de l'auteur Morrow Gift is a collection of books and paper goods tailor-made by the William Morrow crew at HarperCollins. Here, we celebrate self-care, truth, beauty, and birthdays. Our projects are one-of-a-kind and created for you to enjoy and to share.

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